Wedding Videography Rates – What You Are Expected to Pay

Wedding videography rates vary according to several factors. Among the factors that cause the fluctuation are the experience of the videographer, the time of year you are hiring, the package you desire as well as the number of hours and location of the venue and reception. You should call around to local videographer in your area or the area of the venue to find out what prices are considered average in that area.

We have compiled a list of wedding videography rates that you can use as a guideline to avoid overspending on your wedding videographer. Keep in mind, these prices might not be on target with your specific location, especially if you are having a destination wedding. This is meant as a guideline to help you better understand the average amount that should be spent on a wedding videographer.

There are four types of packages that that you can choose from. Each videographer might have different packages that include more or less, again, this is a guideline to prepare the bride and groom for what typical packages will include as well as prices.

Basic Package: $400-1,000

A basic package generally includes the use of one camera to cover the wedding. Generally, this package does not include any filming of the reception after the wedding and it usually only totals between 60-90 minutes of filming. For an additional price, many of the basic packages can be upgraded to include titles and music.

Enhanced Package: $800-1,300

Most enhanced packages will include the reception, if it immediately follows the wedding ceremony. The filming time will also vary, depending on the videographer. However, you can expect to have up to 1-3 hours of their time for your wedding and reception.

Generally, a minimum of two cameras will be used to film both the ceremony and the reception as well as additional lighting. Basic editing should be included in this package. This should include background music, three copies of the wedding video and titles.

Deluxe Package: $1,000-2,000

This package is one of the most popular packages because it has more extras and is a little more personal. There are generally two cameras that are shooting the ceremony from different angles as well as the reception. Basic editing is usually included with this package. Titles, music and so forth are part of the basic editing.

Luxury Package: $3,100-6,500

The luxury package is just that, it has all the bells and whistles. In this package you should get everything that is in the premium package and then some extras.

The time in hours for this package is typical unlimited. This allows for complete and total coverage of the entire wedding and ceremony for the bride and groom. Often, the rehearsal is also included in the footage coverage.

Interviews with guests and special interviews with grandparents and parents of the bride and groom are often part of this package. The editing can often be done quickly, allowing footage of the actual ceremony to be watched while the guests are eating.

As you can see, you needs are playing a very important role in the amount of money you will be spending. Wedding videography rates can fluctuate. During the busy season, many videographer will increase their prices because they are in demand. However, if you are having your wedding in the off season, you might get lucky and have a less expensive package.


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