New School Wedding Videography: 8 Wedding Film Differences for the Noughties

Sorry, Uncle Harry…

Think you’d rather not get married at all, than have your memories of your wedding day captured on grainy home video with a cheesy voiceover by Uncle Harry? Nowadays, professional wedding videography has progressed far past the traditional 80s home wedding video, and is actually becoming more affordable even while the quality goes up! Today we check out ten differences that you can expect in professional wedding films for the noughties.

  1. High definition – Video technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last ten years, and while truly high definition video cameras still remain out of the price range of many home users, professional wedding films and general event videography is now invariably shot in high definition.
  2. Music – One of the most striking things about the standard home video that you see is either the awkward silence that seems to fill the camera and seep out into the lounge room as you watch it on TV… or the inane chatter of the person behind the camera who’s shooting the film! Nowadays, all professional wedding film places will edit in a soundtrack for your video.
  3. Lighting – Without reasonable lighting, there’s nothing that can be done to save a wedding film. If you hire professionals, they’ll do their best to compensate for all sorts of lighting conditions and banish the shadowy, grainy films of yore!
  4. Colour adjustments – Colour adjustments, either for realism or for fun, can easily be added to new school professional wedding videography. A subtle sepia tone, a cool blue overlay, or a bright yellow glow can create a visual effect that parallels the magic you felt on your wedding day.
  5. A storyline! – With music as the backdrop and theme for your wedding film, a good professional wedding videography studio will be able to edit all that raw footage into a concisely expressed storyline capturing all the important moments and events in your wedding day. Length can vary, and professionals will consult with you to find out exactly what you want to be included, unedited.
  6. Professional preparation – When one of your guests has the responsibility of shooting your wedding film, it’s so much more likely that a minor disaster like a lack of charged camera batteries, an almost-full first tape or a forgotten tripod will occur. You’re guaranteed that all the base details will be taken care of with a pro wedding film.
  7. A steady hand – How many amateur wedding videos have made you seasick while watching them?! New style pro videos are nothing like the giddy amateur wedding films of the bad old days.
  8. A style that suits you! – There are so many elements that go into the ‘style’ of a wedding film. There are also so many elements that go into your style as a couple… a good professional event videography studio will match the two.


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