Top 10 Staffing Agency in Houston USA

Staffing agencies in Houston have become more and more necessary for many companies and organizations in the country. No one can predict when companies or organizations are going to need extra manpower, specialists, or talents, especially during this tough time. This is where any staffing agency in Houston gets the chance to shine and if you’re looking to join a staffing agency, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we are compiling a list of top 10 staffing agency in Houston that could be where you can make a career.

1.      Advantage Resourcing

The staffing agency is divided into four operating companies or businesses, such as Advantage xPO, advantage resourcing the UK, Advantage Resourcing North America, and Advantage Professional Sydney Australia. The one that we’re going to talk about is Advantage Resourcing North America.

It is part of the company’s technical, professional, and commercial staffing for temporary and permanent placement business in the US and Canada. The branch specializes in providing qualified professionals in technical, IT, engineering, general business, and industrial. The network is vast and is full of outstanding contingent, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire associates. Every professional is pre-screened and ready to work at moment’s notice.

Advantage Resourcing is a potentially great place to work for anyone, no matter what stage of your career you’re in. The most important thing is that the company will help you achieve your dream and chase your passion, and ultimately create new opportunities. With the right amount of time, Advantage Resourcing will find the right opportunity for you depending on your skills and goals.

The clients are big organizations in automotive, engineering, IT, manufacturing, professional, supply chain, and client resources.

2.      Kelly Services

Kelly Services is always thinking about what it can do next for its employees. Connecting talented professionals to the right companies, businesses, or organizations is its mission and what it does best. Kelly Services can answer even the fastest moving and growing businesses in the country. If you’re one of those people who also keep asking what’s next for your career, then Kelly Services can help you to create the best future for you.

In this day and age, permanent placement or contract doesn’t sound that appealing compared to temporary, freelance, and gig works. With so many people looking to gain experience, advance their careers, and get a taste of flexibility and control in their lives, this staffing agency in Houston can be your greatest ally.

To achieve this, Kelly Services encourages you to discard the old ways of building a career. Instead, build new people-work connections that effectively enable the growth and quality that job seekers and employees are looking for.

3.      Expert Staffing

If you’re looking for a staffing agency in Houston with good reviews, then you should check Expert Staffing out. Expert Staffing is used to work with tight deadlines while managing peak seasons. The unpredictable nature of staffing needs doesn’t faze the agency at all. Expert Staffing is proud of its flexible service options that can cater to a lot of professionals and employers.

Finding the right job isn’t easy with non-flexible methods, but with Expert Staffing, you don’t have to deal with the old methods. The agency is the expert at knowing the best places to work in Houston and offers many options and flexibility for all job seekers.

Its specialties are helping local employers to find the right people when they need them, providing temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire for plenty of positions. These positions are administrative support, customer service and call center, accounting and finance, engineering and design, andIT. You can expect to land a job in these industries: engineering, oil and gas, energy services, financial, and service.

4.      Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions offers a full package service for all employees. You’ll be guided from the moment you step on the door until you finally land a job in the right place. For employers, the agency guarantees that you will meet your human resource needs. And as for job seekers, you will be able to build your careers exactly like how you want it.

There are more than 30 thousand of employers who’ve found the right candidates through the Employer Service every year. Among these many employers, there is always a chance for you to be hired by one of them.

To help you further, there is a search tool that you can use on the website, around 27 full-time career offices and 10 part-time offices across the region, career counseling, and financial aid for your education or work support. The company also funds adult education programs and literacy services through seven major providers.

5.      Corbet Personnel Services, Inc

This Houston-based, full-service staffing company has been operating since 1984. With a long tradition of successfully providing temporary or contract, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire talents for many companies and businesses.

The company works effectively, by combining the right people with the systems in a creative and friendly environment, built from integrity and trust. Being partnered with many companies helps job seekers to get their opportunities to build their careers.

Corbet Personnel Services is specialized in providing strategic workforce management as well as temporary or contract staffing, direct hire, and professional recruiting services to employers all over Houston. You can expect to land a good opportunity in these areas: secretarial or administrative, sales or service, human resources, and account or finance. Check out the “Featured Positions” on the website to find the best positions available.

6.      Creative Circle

Creative Circle vows to make everyone who needs its services into a solid team. After you’ve registered yourself with the company, you will start receiving many jobs alters via emails with many opportunities that match your skills and talents, experience, and availability.

As a big staffing agency in Houston, Creative Circle receives hundreds of job requests every day, so your chance of landing the right position at the right place is big. You can respond directly to the available positions that match your background and experience.

Joining Creative Circle as an employee will net you many benefits, such as competitive compensation, medical, dental, vision plans, service recognition, ongoing training and mentorship, employee stock purchase, and many more.

Feel free to use the search tool to look for jobs in certain locations. You can find plenty of jobs available in copywriting, design, marketing, production, project management, user experience, leadership positions, and more.

Whether you’re looking for work or talents, there are more than 30 markets and 100 job titles available. Start your journey today and build your career.

7.      Sterling Staffing Solutions

For hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers out there who want to work during this difficult time, Sterling Staffing Solutions is providing the best services for all job seekers and employers. Though the company is relatively new, it has proved itself to be capable and reliable in supplying talents and professionals to the right place.

Sterling Staffing Solutions was founded to answer the increasing need for quality home healthcare. Combining the clinical and business talents of its employees, Sterling Staffing Solutions has grown from a small company to a 500 large therapist powerhouse in the industry.

The company provides contract employment solutions for many specialists and professionals, for physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, nurses, and social worker positions across Texas. Supplying hospitals and rehab facilities temporary and permanent positions as well.

If you’re a licensed medical professional looking for a flexible work schedule and a great partner to work with, don’t hesitate to contact Sterling Staffing Solutions.

8.      The Specialists Group

The Specialists Group has been around forever, 50 years to be more precise. For the full 50 years of operating, The Specialists Groups has been providing recruiting and staffing services to local, national, and international companies. No matter the size of the company, from small to large, The Specialists Group can provide the best of services to everyone.

It employs many skilled consultants who work with both job seekers and employers to find a good fit for both parties involved. Job seekers will not only get to work together with these consultants, but also get the chance to build a network of professionals and successful companies from all over the world. Also, job seekers are not required to pay a cent to use the services provided by the staffing agency. This makes The Specialists Group a very attractive staffing agency Houston for the local job seekers.

Check out the website to look at all the jobs available. Jobs from various sectors, such as aviation, attorney, legal, industrial, financial, banking, accounting, management, marketing, sales, temporary, and many more. Despite receiving hundreds of resumes every day, The Specialists Group ensures that everyone receives equal employment opportunity and it can refer individuals to the right positions.

9.      PrideStaff

Another local staffing agency in Houston with good reviews is PrideStaff. PrideStaff offers its services without any fluffs, everything is given straight to all job seekers and employers. Right on the homepage, you can see what positions are available and how many jobs that each position has.

The staffing agency in Houston is such a breath of fresh air in this very complicated market. PrideStaff makes sure that every job seeker knows the process from registering themselves, looking for available positions, finding the right job, and finally landing the right job. 

PrideStaff provides consultations and services for everyone who wants either to get a new position or get the best candidates. The company vows to eliminate guesswork, over-complicated stuff, and get the best results for job seekers and employers. 

You can browse available jobs on the homepage. There are plenty of jobs offered, such as accounting, clerical, HR, customer service, healthcare, IT, insurance, legal, management, manufacturing, warehouse, sales, and more.

10. inSightful Staffing Solutions

inSightful Staffing Solutions is one of the best staffing agencies in Houston that specializes in accounting, human resources, and project management. And its specialty industries are in oil and energy, manufacturing, engineering, and construction.

inSightful Staffing Solutions doesn’t use algorithms to match job seekers to the right employers, it uses a more intuitive process for pairing talent with great opportunities. Every consultant who works for inSightful Staffing Solutions has received years of training and experience in accounting, human resources, and project management sectors. Every job seeker will get the chance to meet the right employers and create mutually beneficial relationships. 

The registration process is very simple and quick. Head to!/apply and fill in your name, email address, phone address, and upload your resume. That’s it, now inSightful Staffing Solutions will help you along the way.

Now, for the benefits that candidates get. There are a lot of benefits waiting for you. Read everything on the website and be excited about a brighter future.

No matter which one staffing agency Houston you choose, make sure to take full advantage of all services and benefits that candidates get. Take your time to read what every company has to offer for candidates like yourself. Be positive and get the job that you’ve always dreamed of.