Top 10 Singlish used by Pure Singaporean

1. Bojio

Explanation: When someone did not invite you to hang out together.


David – Yesterday, Jerry and I went to watch Wonderwoman.

Kenny – Wa Bojio! I had no plans yesterday.

2. Lepak

Explanation: To spend time walking/loitering around aimlessly.

Example: My friends and I like to lepak at JEM after school.

3. Buay tahan

Explanation: Cannot stand it anymore.

Example: Wa the weather so hot really buay tahan!

4. Paiseh

Explanation 1: Embarrassed.

Example 1: Just now I fall down walking on flat ground, damn paiseh sia.

Explanation 2: To make an apology.

Example 2: Paiseh, just now bathing can’t reply your message.

5. GG

Explanation: Used when something bad is going to happen.

Example: Wa GG, they say this year economy very bad, firing a lot of people.

6. Heck it

Explanation: Singlish phrase to show that you do not care anymore.

Example: Heck it la! I’m just going to confess to Sarah after our date tonight.

7. Knn

Explanation: Short form for Kanina, which translates to f**k your mum. Used as a swear word/profanity.

Example: Knn, ERP increase again!

8. CB

Explanation: Short form for Chee Bai, which translates to the v*gina. Used as a swear word.

Example: That CB kia come and annoy me again.

9. Kena

Explanation: Used when something bad happens to someone.

Example: Jerry kena scolded by teacher for failing his test.


Source: Sandid

10. Kenasai

Explanation: More severe version of kena. Translate to get into deep sh*t. Also used to express frustration.

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