Vlog 76: Hotel Leg Workout | Singapore Food Tour

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Lower/leg workout:

– 4 x 12-15 split squats (each side). Generally I’d go a little lower in reps if I had heavier dumbbells available.
– 4 x 10-12 stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts. As before, rep ranges high due to low resistance.
– 4 x 12-15 standing calf raises w/dumbbells (each side).
– 4 x 20-24 alternate leg extensions (10-12 each side).
– 1 x 20 alternate leg extensions immediately followed by traditional leg extensions (both legs) to failure.

As this was technically supposed to be a lower body workout, I would have liked to have done some conventional/sumo deadlifts also if I had a barbell. Even though they’ll work a lot of back muscles that are technically upper body, I’d recommend including deadlifts in your lower body workout to ‘make room’ for all the other upper body compounds in your upper workout. Otherwise your upper body workouts would inevitably contain too much volume.


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