Visiting the best of Singapore 2017

Hey guys!

I went for holidays to Singapore and wow I was impressed with the beauty of this country. I was there in kind of a rush because we stayed just 2 nights but oww, it was more than worth it.

We were in all the major touristic attractions of Singapore though. Of course, we visited the Marina Bay Sands (the famous hotel with a pool on the last floor) but I think the video can express how amazing it was, it’s just unbelievable. Just next to it is Gardens by the Bay and it makes you feel like you’re in avatar with all of this beautiful decorations and flowers.

There’s also an Island called Sentosa that has a brutally big shopping center even with a Universal Studios inside. In this Island, you can find the southernmost point of continental Asia.

We also visited the Buddha Tooth Relic temple and it was really beautiful and interesting seeing other cultures and how different they behave.

For partying we went to Clarke Quay and it was REALLY nice, there’s actually a latin place there called Mr. Taco and it was heaps of fun.

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