Top 10 Roller Coasters – Malaysia VS Singapore

(Read Me After Watching)

Watch Top 10 Roller Coasters In Malaysia here :

Now I will show you the top 10 roller coasters in Malaysia & Singapore.

Top 10 coasters of Malaysia & Singapore :

1st . Battlestar Galactica, Universal Studios, Singapore
2nd . Supersonic Odyssey, Times Square Cosmo’s World, Malaysia
3rd . Revenge Of The Mummy, Universal Studios, Singapore
4th . Corkscrew, Genting Highland, Malaysia
5th . The Lost City Of Gold, Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia
6th . Flying Coaster, Genting Highland, Malaysia
7th . Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Universal Studios, Singapore
8th . Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Genting Highland, Malaysia
9th . Flying Dragon, Genting Highland, Malaysia
10th. Enchanted Airways, Universal Studios, Singapore

Don’t forget to ride them when you been there 🙂

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