Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries – (Singapore)

Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries – (Singapore)
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This powerhouse city-state in Southeast Asia has liberal immigration laws, close to zero unemployment, and half of its population is foreign-born. With English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil spoken in its lively (and notoriously clean – remember the gum and spitting laws?) streets, migrants from Asia and India will feel especially at home here. Keep in mind that it’s small – the country is just one big 700 square kilometre city at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, but it’s also by far the richest diverse city in Asia with a centuries-long history of migration. You’d be honoring tradition by moving here.
As a gleaming, perfectly clean city-state you’d expect Singapore’s Transparency International ranking to be a little higher than the 7th place they earned, but that’s still impressive. Their murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants is an astonishingly low 0.2. Way less than most every other place on the planet. While they only spend 3% of GDP on education, they outperform most nations in the PISA test rankings coming in 2nd or 3rd. University tuition is not cheap but is reasonable compared to US tuition rates and is comparable to domestic tuition charged in Australian and Canadian universities. At the National University of Singapore, or NUS, the tuition for a pharmacy degree is the equivalent of US$12,500 per year for an international student. For a local, it’s about US$6,300. Personal tax rates are reasonable, with a top marginal rate of 20% kicking in at the equivalent of US$234,000. The national motto is Onward Singapore, which sounds a lot like the former New Zealand motto. And while Singapore has no official national sport, footy is very popular with a local league on the island that appeals to the diverse communities that make up the state of Singapore.
Most immigrants are from neighboring Malaysia, whether they are citizens or permanent residents. China is the only other major source of immigrants to the country.
India and Indonesia are the only other countries which have been the source for over 100,000 people. After that, there is a sharp drop-off to the other countries that have provided immigrants to Singapore.


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