Here’s my trip to some of Singapore’s Southern Islands – St John’s, Lazarus (that is connected to St John’s by a bridge) and Kusu Island – yesterday with Jennifer and Jason.

Seeing that we’ve never explored this portion of Singapore, we made an impromptu decision to go island hopping. Lazarus’s had two beaches – one at the front and the other you have to walk all the way in for. The second beach is super quiet and much cleaner than Sentosa and ECP and we spent most of our time there.

To get there, take a boat from Marina South Pier. They have a booth there and each ticket cost $18.

The first ferry departs from mainland at 10am, and the second one at 2pm. It is better to take the first ferry, so that you’ll be able to spend more time on the islands as their last ferry from the islands back to mainland is at 4pm. So the ferry schedule goes a bit like this..

Marina South Pier – St John’s/ Lazarus Island – Kusu Island – Marina South Pier

Do bring food and drinks because there are no shops on the islands and remember put on sunblock every hour!

Music: Gazzo – What You Waiting For (ft. Sugarwhiskey)


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