Singapore Zoo. The best Zoo of the world

One day into the best Zoo of the world.
Singapore 17th of may 2012

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Video report about observations by different animals into the Singapore Zoo. It’s calling Wildlife Reserves.


In my life I visited a few Zoos, and I ‘m sure, that Singapore Zoo is the best zoo in the world.

Official website of Singapore Zoo –

Singapore zoo occupies 28 hectares on the shore of the reservoir covered with dense forest in the central water reserve.
The Singapore zoo opened on 27 June 1973. And is managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

The zoo includes 315 species, of which about 16 % are under threat of extinction. Singapore zoo is annually visited by around 1.6 million visitors.

Singapore zoo follows the trend to present animals in their natural habitat, with open enclosures, moats and glass barriers between animals and visitors.

At the Singapore zoo hosts a variety show featuring animals, for example:

“Breakfast with the orangutan”
“Rainforest fights back”
“Elephants at work and play”
“Splash Safari”
“Friends of animals” (special children’s department of the zoo)

Awarded to Singapore Zoo:

Michelin 3-star rating
Most Popular Wildlife Park (Asian Attractions Awards)
Best Breakfast (40 Jewels in ASEAN’s Crown)
One of the World’s Best Zoos (
Bronze (Singapore H.E.A.L.T.H Awards)
Leisure Attraction of the Year (Singapore Tourism Board Awards)
Best New Attraction for the hamadryas baboons exhibit (ASEAN Tourism Association)
Cleanest Toilet (Ministry of Environment)

Singapore is an amazing city! It’s definitely worth to visit.

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I have been. I have seen.
I’ll come back to the Singapore Zoo (Wildlife reserves).

Video report about observations by different animals into the Singapore Zoo during a day.

Subtitles: russian, spanish.

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Videography: Samsung Galaxy Note
Photo: Canon 1000D
Mounting: Sony Vegas Pro
Music: Jason Farnham – Get outside

Enjoy watching!!!

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