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A mall or beautiful shopping center is a building which includes under one roof, a set of retail housed in covered galleries that house customers of weather. It is designed to make it enjoyable and promote the act of purchase with air conditioning, escalators, ambience music, parking attractions, etc. It often includes department stores and a hypermarket.

The continuing evolution of consumption patterns as well as the democratization of the car had an influence strongly the development of shopping centers in the suburbs to benefit from more space for developing businesses as well as parking. The craze for shopping edge is such that competition does not take long to appear. This gathering centers and shopping malls in the periphery form which will subsequently called a commercial area.

A commercial area or a commercial area is a set of retail space spread over a dedicated exclusively to the business and activities associated area. Commercial areas are often situated on the outskirts of major cities and enjoys Simplified highways or county roads access. A commercial area includes several galleries or shopping malls, various activities ranging from cinema to restore pole.

These commercial centers, they are pioneers in integrating function Parking in commercial architecture (that are not traditional malls of xix th century Europe) are also traditionally designed with a shop opening on the street or in semi-open galleries. It was not until after the war for the birth of the mall american, integrated modern beautiful shopping center.

The white bourgeoisie, who lives in the suburbs of major U.S. cities will be in the suburban mall consumerist mirror of prosperity. In Europe, the first shopping centers, appeared in the 1960s, following the trend: They are usually located outside urban areas, and equipped with large parks parking for easy access with automobile.

With the explosion of online shopping, shopping centers and relieve the pressure must seek new ways to generate traffic.

The Bazaar is a beautiful market or group of shops where goods and services are available for sale and purchase. The souk is its Arabic equivalent. Bazar comes from the Old Persian vazar. The word was then transmitted in the Arab countries, Turkey Ottoman ‘s Europe, the India and even China for trade between Persia and regions since antiquity. There are also many food as clothing, jewelry, pottery, etc. One can also find many kinds of spices that perfume the streets. The bazaar contains shops, but also workshops and sometimes housing.

Archaeologists have found traces of bazaars in different parts of Iran near Kermanshah (9000 BC.) at Tepe Siyalk and Hasanlu (6000 BC.) in Shahr e-Sokhteh (3000 B.C.) and Suse (from 4000 BC.). The urbanization that took place in Iran from the IV th millennium BCE, allowed economic growth and increased trade, even with distant places.

Urban Bazaar is historically the heart of the city Iranian. In almost all cities, the bazaar consists of streets and covered walkways lined with small shops grouped by department or product. One part contains clothing stores and fabric, another part includes the merchants and manufacturers of carpets, and in another, those who work the copper or other metals, copper, cotton or wool. In small towns, the bazaar can be just a small street in the larger cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Shiraz, the bazaar is a tangle of streets that includes warehouses, restaurants, baths, mosques, schools and gardens in addition to hundreds of stores.

For common sense, a beautiful market is a gathering for commercial purposes, usually periodic and in a predetermined place of farmers, of merchants dealers and individuals buyers, consumers or not. By extension, the term also refers to the beautiful market furnished place, where the beautiful market is held. For reasons of convenience or seasonality, this gathering can be organized in places or during specific dates: flower beautiful market, food beautiful market, cattle beautiful market, poultry beautiful market, wine beautiful market, fabric beautiful market. In economics A beautiful market is the quantity or total value of goods or services sold on a given data about data, such as geographic time period category. For economists, the beautiful market is physical or virtual place where meet the supply and demand and which operates determining the price of a good or services.

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