Halal Japanese Fine Dining Experience at Santaro by Gion | Singapore

Halal Japanese food is now becoming more and more popular in Singapore. With Japan being one of Asia’s most well-known countries; it isn’t surprising that many Japanese restaurants populate Singapore’s streets. What is good to know, is that there are lots of Japanese Halal restaurants in Singapore waiting to send your taste buds into food heaven.

Santaro by Gion is a Japanese fine dining restaurant located in Amara Hotel in Singapore. Their main feature: Omakase buffet. ‘Omakase’ loosely translates to leave it to you.’ The chef will serve you up with surprises depending on the menu you ordered.

HalalTrip’s Top 10 list below gives you the Best Halal Japanese Restaurants in Singapore to indulge yourself. It includes some of the most amazing Halal sushi restaurants in Singapore.

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