Gardens By The Bay Singapore. Exploring Breath-taking Gardens in this Tips For Travellers Tour

In this video I take you on a walk through and tour of the amazing Singapore Gardens By The Bay. The Gardens by the Bay is part of an ambitious vision to make Singapore a city in a garden. Sprawling over 250 acres of reclaimed land behind the the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, it’s a modern day wonder.

The largest of the 3 gardens is 130-acre Bay South Garden which is the focus of this video. It has three of the more famous aspects of the gardens: Supertrees and Walkway, Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

First are the Supertrees and the OCBC Skywalk way.

The Supertrees are vast structures of between 82 and 160 feet high. As well as looking impressive, they are fundamental to the running of and for making the Gardens environmentally sound and sustainable. They harness solar energy to generate lighting and power, collect rainwater to use for watering and also help run the conservatories calling systems.

The OCBC Skyway is an elevated walkway 22 metres above the ground, running between two of the larger Supertrees. From up there you get stunning views across the gardens, and of the Singapore skyline. There is a fee for going up on the walkway which can be reached by elevator or by stairs. I strongly recommend heading up onto the Skyway. The view and experience is quite remarkable. At night, the Supertrees have a light and music show called the OCBC Garden Rhapsody at 7:45 and 8:45 pm.

From here, head past the flower clock to the two column-less and cooled glass conservatories: the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Each are over 2.5 acres in size.

My definite favourite is the Cloud Forest, which impressed me enormously. You enter at the towering 138-foot high mountain with a 115-foot Waterfall – the tallest indoor one in the world. The cooled conservatory has over 60,000 plants and numerous zones reflecting flora and fauna from tropical mountain regions around the world. After winding your way around the lower level gardens, full of hidden ponds and wooden artefacts and artworks, you then travel up seven stories to the top by elevator. It’s then time to walk around and down the mountain first on the Cloud and then the Treetop walkways. As you wind your way around you can view the plants from all angles and different heights, while also looking across at the various zones like the Lost World and Secret Garden – and of course the skyline of Singapore outside. The whole time I was in here I was amazed at the ingenuity and cleverness of this attraction. Its truly stunning and unique.

Next door is the Flower Dome. Full of gorgeous plants and blooms, it is a colourful feast for the eyes. Inside it feels vast, and it was listed in The Guinness World Records in 2015 as the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse. There are nine different garden zones. These are the Australian, South American, South African, Californian and Mediterranean gardens, a Baobab tree and succulent garden and finallythe Flower Field. This hosts different themed flower exhibits across the year.

Rainwater is collected from the surface of both of these huge conservatories which in circulated in the cooling system connected to the Supertrees.

The Gardens by The Bay should be at the top of your things to do in Singapore. It is a beautiful and remarkable place. That’s why over 6 million people a year visit it already.

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