FinTech Ecosystem in Singapore – Documentary

A close approach to the FinTech Ecosystem in Singapore. One of the Financials hubs of Asia, but also one of the best startup ecosystems in the Region. The Government support is one of the key factors of success, but not the only one.

We had the opportunity to talk to some of the FinTech experts and entrepreneurs in Singapore about the state of FinTech in Singapore, their challenges and the future of this trend in the coming years.

We want to thanks:
Christian König | FinTech expert,
Steven Tong | Managing Director, Startupbootcamp FinTech SG
Val Jihsuan | CEO, Policypal
Brian Teng | CEO, Invoice Interchange
Keir Veskiväli | CEO & Founder, Smartly
Vidur Malik | Co-Founder, Hektor


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