Blockchain Top 5 – Top 5 most Interesting ICOs out of Singapore

Blockchain Top 5!! This week we feature the Top 5 most interesting ICO’s out of Singapore. Your host is Crypto Analyst Rob Dyno.

Rob lists the top 5 ICOs on his radar this week.

5. Ammbr – Ammbr is a Singaporean ICO building a mwireless mesh network built on top of blockchain technology. The custo ammbr mesh wifi routers will connect nearby connections together and users can earn ammbr tokens by providing wifi for others to use. Use anyones ammbr signal on the go and connect to their wifi.

4. TenX – TenX allows yo to spend cryptocurrency anywhere at anytime. The TenX mobile wallet and TenX physical card allow you to spend crpyot with 0% spending and exchange fees. Their system supports the bitcoin blockchain, ethereum, all erc20 tokens and dash. They raised over 80 million during their ICO and their TenX app can be downloaded on iOS and android now. Or get the web app on

3- Starta aims to help eurpoean startups gain more exposure in american markets. Theuir acceleration program helps eurpoean companies define their product/market fit, get traction and become part of local startup and investing ecosystems inside the united states. Their using cross coin to democratize venture investments and become a bridge between crypto and fiat economies.

2- EventChain SmartTickets – The EventChain SmartTicketing system enables artists and promoters to sell event tickets directly to fans using cryptocurrency, eliminating the need for 3rd party ticket intermediaries. Their system aims to eliminate counterfeit ticketing and excessive ticketing fees using eventchain ERC20 tokens. Their ICO is live right now at

1- Wall Street X- Wall Street X is the ultimate wall street project on ICOs. It’s goal is to bring decentralized financial intruments using ERC20 tokens. Abhinav Ramesh and his expert team are manaign this Singaporean ICO which has huge expectations coming onto the markets in short time. Finally a platform where people can tarde financial instrument with each other without any financial intermediaries, using peer to peer blockchahin transactions. They just released their beta on the ethereum testnet which can trade a portfolio of erc20 tokens with a single transaction through smart contracts. To get on the ICO whitelist join

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