Best Singapore Documentary (full)
This is the complete documentary produced and directed by David Whitefield Jones of VisualWorks Inc. for Fodor’s and Travel World Video in 1989-99. I spent months in Singapore researching to produce an in depth travel film rather than a quick once over. This is a fine film and just the stuff that hit the cutting room floor would make a fascinating film. The firewalking festival of Thimithi for the Goddess Daupadi, a Chinese Wayang or Opera for the God’s birthday, burning joss household luxury items and clothing to send to ancestors – amazing stuff. Also Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo, Newton Circus, Raffles, Pulau Seking, a Geomancer working, eating Betelnut, and coverage of all of the cultures from the Brits to the Malays, The documentary was shot by a Hungarian crew and I post-produced in Budapest, Hungary. If your company needs help with effective and memorable marketing, sales, training, or other media, please contact me at Thanks for watching.


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