Amazing Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Experience | Beijing – Singapore

SQ flight 807 was scheduled to leave around 5:00 but was delayed until 5:35. We landed about 25 minutes late in Singapore at 11:24pm. The Singapore lounge in Beijing is pretty descent. There’s no showers but there are sleeping pods. The food is simple but rather tasty. The lounge atmosphere is quite nice. For boarding, we were welcomed by the presence of the wonderful Singapore flight attendants. We pushed back and waited for quite some time due to congested airspace. Once in the air, it was 5 hours and 35 minutes until touchdown in one of my favorite cities in the world, Singapore! The airplane is very quiet. Almost no noise of the engines. No amenity kits are handed out to business class passengers however, noise cancelling headsets, eyeshade, slippers, and socks are handed out. More amenity kits like items were in the bathrooms. A 6 course meal is provided, and I must say, all the food was superb! It tastes just like being at a good quality 4-5 star restaurant. After the meal, I had time to try out the entertainment system. A good variety of movies is provided however, compared to some other airlines, the IFE could be better. The system is not touchscreen, no outside cameras like other airlines with the a380, and the map system is pretty basic however, it suits its purpose. The crew was amazing, allowing me to take pictures with them! The service was A+ always attentive and caring. The seats are huge! The widest business class seat I’ve ever sat in! The seat is super comfy however, the fact that you must get up and turn your seat into a bed is a little inconvenient. However, it’s pretty simple. Once in bed mode, the bed is very comfortable! I only slept for about an hour as I got woken up by landing announcements but in that hour, I slept like a rock! Overall, one of the most comfortable business class seats / beds I’ve ever sat / slept on. Too bad the flight was only 5 and a half hours. I wish it could have lasted longer! Landing was smooth and I enjoyed my short 5 day getaway in one of the greatest cities in the world. Singapore!

Airplane cleanliness: 10/10
Crew attitude: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Seats: 9/10
IFE: 7/10
Food: 10/10
Lounge: 7/10

Overall rating: Awesome 9/10!

Would I recommend flying the Singapore a380: Absolutely!



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