A Whole ALLEY of MILFs in Singapore

Prostitution is legal in Singapore. Singapore: highly educated citizenry, high average wages, low taxes, healthcare for all, clean water, fully wired for the internet, great subway system, highest ranked airport, best airline.

Only 5.6 million people. Smaller than New York. Smaller than L.A. They are smaller than half the size of Oahu. But they got the top ranked airport, automated subway trains (no drivers), universal health care, a desalination plant, a zoo, botanical gardens, 8 Toys-R-Us stores. There’s no graffiti. Chinese, Indians and Malays. And their air force flies F-15s. They can afford F-15s. The Philippines of 120,000,000 people don’t even have an air force. Singapore could take out the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, even the biggest boy in ASEAN, Indonesia. Singapore’s got only 5.6 million people. This is a tiny country. Smaller than many cities. A tiny kick-ass country. And prostitution is legal.

We passed 1OOO subscribers. Thank you all, even the haters. I know you clowns still watch.

I like to people-watch. I know a lot of you want sexy stuff, but I like people, interesting people. This video shows you that prostitution isn’t necessarily glamorous. People age. The girls lose their desirability but guys hardly lose interest in sex. Prostitution can be and probably is for most girls dirty and unhygienic. SG $50 (US $37) or less for 15 min. Do your business and get out of there.

The women are truly receptacles. In America GFE is important. The American customer wants the “illusion” of having a girlfriend, of being cared for, of being liked, even loved. Here, it’s wham bam. There’s no build up. There’s probably no fake moaning.

I’m backpacking around the world (?). I’m not rich. I stay in hostels. A few days back someone knocked over my portable hard drive. There goes all my Japan, South Korea, China, Mexico, Hong Kong and some Thailand videos. I had loads of unpublished video. Unpublished. All gone. All LOST IN SPACE.

So it just goes to show. Stop filming and start bonking!

P.S. I foresee this alley of milfs to someday be the victim of the wrecking ball. So enjoy the video and if you really want to see it, get to Singapore. You don’t need a visa and it’s a safe and accessible city.

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