10 Tips to Become Super Popular in Facebook.

Hello, my name is Dougles Chan, FB profile @ https://www.facebook.com/dougleschan.

I do not dare to say I am super popular and well, I have over 2,000 friends, and apparently that was in one of my the other account and it become very popular and I abandon it due to some technical reasons, people who would like to know why I done that, do PM me direct @ https://www.facebook.com/dougles.chan.3,  I will let you know the reason from there. However, our topic over here is to share with you the tricks…err.. I mean strategies I have done to be “popular” in Facebook.

When I mean popular, means, your post will get LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT more often compared to other people. It is not magic but apparently it is a SCIENCE that can be learned easily.

Here goes:

1) Be yourself, be real, do have a profile photos – Friends in Facebook will really appreciate to see who you are, how you look like and what you do. If you keep having a profile photo that is a CAT or DOG or even some THINGS, people will not be too excited to know what you are doing.

2) Have your own unique character – Don’t be a copycat and follow what others are doing, if you are doing what people are doing, you are just another one of them and you will be attracting people who likes the other person, not you.

If you are angry, show it, if you are sad, show it, if you are happy, show it. However, for me, I tend to post and share things which are more positive when given a choice, because I want to spread positive-ness rather than anything else. And also I do not want to attract people who are negative too.

3) Like and share your friends post – It is important that you go to your friends post and LIKE it, share it and maybe comment on it. Somehow Facebook has this system that once you do that, the other person timeline will have more of your post. That is to say that the more you LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT about other friends, Facebook will show more people more of your postings.

Give first and it will come back to you soon.

4) Spending time on it – Yes you will need to put effort on it, hours and hours every single day. Don’t expect to be “popular” when you are not active at all.

5) Post something interesting – Obvious right? No. It is tough, you must post something people like to see and watch, not what you like to see and watch. 80% of the things you post will be for other people, then the other 20% will be your own things.

6) Commenting on your own post – The more you comment on your own post and replying the same post, the more the post will be seen by more people. But of course if the topic is boring, don’t count on it.

7) Liking your own post – Nothing wrong with it, usually I do not do that because I do not like to own-self LIKE own-self….. Anyway once you LIKE your own post, Facebook will automatically make the same post exposed to slightly more people so it can have more LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARE.

8) Deleting Friends – Yes, you need to filter out those which you thinks is not very productive and always give negative feedbacks.

9) Following popular Facebook friends – I would do it, will also comment on their post frequently so that the “more popular” friends will comment and share your post too.

10) Not all posting will be popular – Don’t worry if your post got no likes or shares, it’s fine. You will need to do plenty of testing and see what your crowd likes or dislike then you can post more of such post.

Lastly, enjoy the process of building up your brand in Facebook. Remember, quality is better than quantity. You can connect to my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dougles.chan.3 Thank you for reading.

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