Top 10 Cool Things To Build In Minecraft !!

Top 10 Cool Things To Build In Minecraft

Minecraft is a craze in the computer world, especially for people whose creativity is enough to build fantastic things. Who would have not heard how Minecraft has become one of the household names in the computer world? Minecraft started from humble beginnings and turned into one of the most popular sandbox building games in the present time.

10 Cool Things To Build In Minecraft

1. Create A Labyrinth Or Adventure Maps

Top 10 Cool Things To Build In MinecraftIf you want to take it to a higher level, then I dare you to create a labyrinth or an adventure map where other users can enjoy the challenge as they will become engrossed in surpassing all the challenges, detours, and serious obstacles that you have placed inside your labyrinth or adventure map.

When creating this kind of stuff in Minecraft, you need to ensure that you already know the basics and are an expert on all the tools that you need to create the thing.

2. Build A House From Diamonds And Gold

Who does not dream of living in a house of diamonds and gold? Make that dream into a virtual reality by making one such house in Minecraft. Though you may build houses from simple and ordinary things such as cement and woods, building a diamond and gold house is rather a cool Minecraft stuff. You can use as many diamonds and gold as you can, and no one will tell you what to do or not to because after all, it is your design and creativity.

3. Build A Fortress Up In The Sky

Many people are already futuristic thinkers. We even have a car that is already flying in reality, though it is not being sold on the market yet. So why not enhance your creativity and build a home up in the sky through Minecraft? A sky fortress is indeed one of the cool things to build in Minecraft since you do not need to have a tutorial for this one.

4. Your Personal Space And Spaceship

Talking about aliens and outer space? If you are someone who loves life forms from out there, then you can build your spaceship and see the outer space by your design. Hence, this could be one of the cool things to build in Minecraft. This particular Minecraft is created using obsidian blocks. Once you have your outer space settled, you need to start creating your planets by using plans and other codes to come up with big spheres.

5. King’s Landing in Game of Thrones

Though this is perhaps one of the top 10 cool things to build in Minecraft, this might also be one of the hardest to do, as this takes a collaborative effort from serious builders and huge amount of time to build it exactly as it is. Unbelievably, a group of people came together just to build this particular Game of Thrones’ capital.

6. Volcano and a City

It has been in our history books how progressive cities were eliminated through volcanic eruptions such as the one that happened in Pompeii. Though we do not wish the same to happen in our present world, you can re-create the entire scene by making a volcano and a city too. If you want to live, be assured that you can make your safety and secure fortress.

7. Transportation system

Are you smart enough to create your transport system? From train to airplanes to boats, you have the capacity to create these things and put them to use. For the train system, you can use the tracks, red stones, carts, and the in-game physics to create a fully automated system for trains. You can put this on a mine where you have to get your gold and diamonds to build your house (go back to number

8. Build a griefer trap

So okay, if you are tired of being trapped yourself, then why not get your vengeance from those who are building those traps? Once you have been griefed, there is the inclination to retaliate to those who did that to you. In this case, you can start building your griefer trap to ensure that you catch those bad and unfortunate griefers too.

9. Futuristic landscape

If you want to create your futuristic escape, then you can do so. As long as you have that creative mind of what you want to include in the future as well as on how you design and create things out of something, then you may do so through Minecraft. You can even merge nature with modern things such as building trees with buildings and structures.

10. Your personal city-state

If you want to handle a more complicated idea and if you have the luxury of time, you can create your city-state. Of course, it requires proper planning since you are creating an entire city and you need to ensure that roads and alleys are well-lighted. Buildings and houses are placed in correct locations, as well as ensure how people can access transportation systems conveniently. When creating a city-state

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