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Top 10 Cool Electronic Appliances of 2017. .

Wallpaper-thin TVs, drones that can dive underwater, and a computer the size of a credit card. Those are only a few of the gadgets that have been unveiled this week at the annual CES gadget expo in Las Vegas, where companies in the tech, automotive, and home appliance industries flaunt their latest innovations.
Many high-profile tech companies, like Apple and Google, typically hold their own separate events throughout the year to unveil new products rather than debuting new wares at CES. Still, the annual convention, now in its 50th year, often provides a look at the next big trends in tech.
The biggest themes at CES this year include self-driving cars, home robots, and tons of integrations with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. We also saw razor-thin laptops and convertible computers, along with show-stopping massive televisions.
Here’s a look at some of the most interesting gadgets at CES 2017:

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