The Silver Bracelet Fad

In the jewelry making industry, artists have made used of silver as another metallic material in creating high-quality and dazzling jewelry for all people. But not all silver alloys are made into jewelry. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver that is mostly used in making all sorts of jewelry. Silver itself cannot be made into quality jewelry because it is too soft to be forming tough ornaments.

Sterling silver was popular in the production of table utensils during the early 19th century. Then, it is later on used in making other items such as mirrors, hairbrushes, bottles, and rattles. As man desires to be beautiful, there are so many ways that sterling silver was made into use. And now it’s famous for the well-loved jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Silver bracelets are very famous among women of all ages. Surely, you too would want to have a this bracelet. Here are some ways to see what silver bracelet would suit your style.

First, you must identify what design you would like to have for a bracelet. Silver may be combined with other metals such as gold and copper. It may come in subtle to grand designs depending on your standard. You must also know if silver will not irritate your skin if worn for a long time. Some people have allergic reactions towards silver which is manifested by itching and skin discoloration.

Next, try on how much weight of the metal that you can tolerate. Some like it light and thin, while some find heavy and chunky silver bracelets more appealing. Whatever weight it is that you might choose, just be sure you can very well wear it in style and elegance. The beauty of these bracelets will fade away once the one who wears it lacks confidence in showing it off.

The artistic way a silver bracelet is designed is very important as well. Choose something that you think would suit your overall personality and style. Silver bracelets are made as creatively as possible. Artists may add some crystals and stones to it to make it more glamorous and trendy. Like for this year, chunky and personalized bracelets are in. So, you may want to buy something that is bulky yet sophisticated. But some would love silver bracelets in it simple beauty. Of course, subtlety in bracelet designs is still hot with the right choice of apparel.

Here are some silver bracelets that many jewelry lovers would be searching for in the local jewelry shops or online stores.

Monogram Heart Tag Bracelet

It has a thick and well-made chain that can be locked using circle and stick hook. It has a heart tag that may be personalized by having it engraved with names, dates, and special messages. But it is not that be to be engraved with too long dedications or for photos to be clearly printed on it. The heart tag itself has a very smooth surface both the front and back side.

Love Knot Sterling Bracelet

This silver bracelet is a sample of a very thin and simple design. It is hooked in a knot-like end. This silver bracelet proves to be another fashionable item for its subtlety and elegance which lovers would want to have as a piece that signifies their love for each other.

The above silver bracelet samples are two concrete examples of silver’s versatility. Thus, sterling silver can be made thick and thin, with embellishments or just it serene simplicity. Both are just great ways to have a silver bracelet for yourself.

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