Axioo – Yunior Lim & Putri Titian Prewedding Film by Dimar

This is the moment to remember for Jun and Tian. This is their once-in-a-lifetime. This is the beginning of their happily ever after. It’s a happy day for Yunior and Putri. After three years of dating, they will finally be tying the knot today!

As a wedding cinematographer, chemistry between a couple is something I really look forward to capturing. Between Yun and Tian, it wasn’t hard to find at all. The way he looks at her… I believe that it’s a look that makes every girl weak at the knees, like he adores and treasures her. And I truly believe that he does. They are lucky to have found each other.

Congratulations, Yun and Tian. Wishing you a happily-ever-after!




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