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Vincent Chia –

After I had first arthroscopy on my left knee in 2015, I was referred to Balance Core for physio therapy. Michael was very professional in his treatment and taught me to get the right posture and core muscle usage back.

The 2nd arthroscopy was done on my right knee and similar physio treatment was required. This time, I was attended by Michael and Mayuri. Both of them did an excellent job in regaining my daily movements back. The route to recovery is faster and safer with the right guidance, advice and treatment.

Recently I had a wry neck and went back to the clinic for treatment by Michael. I was treated in 2 sessions which I am very grateful for as I am flying overseas in the next few days for a business trip.

Will highly recommend friends or anyone who have joint or muscle problems to the clinic in future.

Jeanette Tan- Michael exposed the root cause of the pain in my neck and back instead of just treating the symptoms. His approach is holistic and effective, and I now have different strategies to cope with the pain. I took my first flight post hospitalisation and I am glad to say that the insights and knowledge Michael imparted were a big help in dealing with the 7-hour flight…. gearing up for a much longer flight of more than 20 hours in a few days’ time…

Rachael Powell-

Was referred to Mayuri after having a surgery done on my ankle. Within weeks I was not only able to walk properly again, but I also regained 95% of my full range back. She also helped me to strengthen my ankle and my legs and correct my posture to prevent any accidents from happening again. Thanks Mayuri 

Aileen Ong –

Michael is passionate in his work and he is professionalism exemplified! Thankful for his expertise and that really helps instill confidence in the treatment sessions especially after traumatic injuries . Highly recommended ESP those who have acl injury and thinking of going for surgery. Pls see Michael soon and he is definitely worth what you are paying for. Most importantly, you will save yourself some time and trouble.

David Powell

Was sent to Balance Core following arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder. Have been before, but this time I was under Mayuri. I didn’t realise how much I had been compensating for my injury, but as she worked, first on the surrounding muscles, and later on my shoulder I began to appreciate the extent of my injury and the expert treatment I was receiving.

Under her care and guidance on appropriate exercises I have gained 95 – 98% of the range of motion of my shoulder, and all within 3 months since the surgery.

I have no problems in recommending Balance Core and Mayuri to anyone in need of physio treatment.
Thank you Mayuri

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