Five Highly Recommended Singapore Feng Shui Master

The Chinese art and science of feng shui dates back at least a thousand years. Using this technique, you can balance the chi of any space. With the help of a qualified Feng Shui Master, it’s all about gaining an appreciation for and practical application of metaphysics.

Recognizing and maximizing beneficial energy flows is at the heart of both Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Feng shui emphasizes the importance of paying attention to one’s location and the directions in which one is facing. It will help facilitate the flow of beneficial energy for your well-being.

Feng shui is not only about decorating your house or shoving things wherever you choose. Involves setting up your dwelling such that beneficial energies are drawn to and held inside it.

There can’t be too many bad vibes. Creating balance between the two energies is essential in feng shui. The Feng Shui Masters profiled here are among the best in Singapore, and they can do a full feng shui audit utilizing a variety of methods.

Master of Feng Shui, Known as Singapore’s Best 

Master Chan

Master Lim 

Master Tay 

Master Adelina Pang 

Master Jason Liew

1. Master Chan

Master Chan is a highly respected Feng Shui Master in Singapore who takes an analytical and objective approach to his work. After purchasing a home in 1994, Master Chan’s interest in Feng Shui grew, and he eventually made it his career. He didn’t hear about feng shui from someone he knew, so he started out as a skeptic.

Contact: +65 9071 2121


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2. Master Lim

The XuanKong Wu Chang Sect, of which Master Lim is a member, bases its teachings and rituals on traditional Feng Shui principles gleaned from the Chinese Imperial Palace. The nine stars are used to forecast the future of a home’s Feng Shui environment and the residents’ luck. Historical records show that this subgroup of Feng Shui Masters dates back many thousand years. To pass the Fens Shui inspection, you need just make adjustments to your home’s route and water, as well as the five elements acknowledged in metaphysics. He is a well respected feng shui expert in Singapore.

Contact: +6590264251

Singapore Fengshui Master - About Master Lim experience as a geomancer

3. Master Simon Tay Consulting

Master Simon Tay, who has been practicing geomancy for over 30 years, founded Master Tay Consulting to share his expertise with the world. Further, Singaporeans may turn to Master Tay Consulting for a Feng Shui Master that is both knowledgeable and efficient. The mission of the consultancy is to assist clients and inspire them to make energy and qi a regular part of their life.

Based on their extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of Feng Shui, Master Tay Consulting, who are among the top 10 Feng Shui Masters, provide their clients with only the best and most effective advisory services.

Contact: +6597893389

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4. Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy

There is no need to introduce Adelina Pang to Singapore’s Feng Shui Masters and Chinese Astrology communities. Since Adelina established her business in 1995, her clientele has continued to increase because of her natural talent and extensive training in cracking the authentic Feng Shui code.

She is involved with a wide variety of projects, from single-family homes to hospitals and shopping malls around the country. Adelina is a well-known public personality in the world of Feng Shui, and she is also recognized for her pleasant sense of humor and her comfortable, confident speaking talents.

Adelina is still giving talks and helping customers with authentic Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. She does not sell Feng shui items but rather applies traditional Feng shui principles to the modern environment. An important part of traditional Feng Shui is the study of electromagnetic fields and how they might be created, balanced, avoided, and connected.

Contact: +6564306766

Feng Shui Tips by Singapore Based Feng Shui Master, Adelina Pang

5. Master Jason Liew Of Canxuange

Master Jason Liew began his training in Geomancy when he was 15 years old, giving him more than two decades of expertise in the field. After practicing Geomancy with his friends and family since he was a youngster, Master Jason Liew now offers his services to the general public. Clients seek him out for guidance on anything from how to preserve the peace at home to how to advance in one’s professional career. Over the years, Master Jason Liew has earned a reputation for being approachable, open, and most of all, trustworthy.

Contact: +65 9456 2182

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