Information About Bazi Reading You May Not Know

While some could have serious doubts about the Bazi Reading, others may have actually believed it. In my opinion, I believe that Bazi is highly true, which will be very helpful to you in real life. If you want to obtain a profound understanding of your personal Bazi chart, you should look for a Bazi or Feng Shui expert to explain all facets of your natal chart. You may learn more about Mr. Dougles Chan here, and I highly suggest him. He will help you understand every aspect of your life, among other things. With any luck, this post will be able to assist you with your issues.

1. What is Bazi Reading

Basically, Bazi Reading widely known as Bazi Interpretation, is the process of interpreting a person’s Bazi Chart based on their birth date, time, and place (生辰八字), from which a specific attribute of the individual is deduced.

2. How to use Bazi Reading

You may find it quite difficult to understand and have a knowledge of every feature at first. Therefore, we will give you information about it. The moment of your birth is widely thought to have a significant impact on your fate. The 10,000-year calendar known as the (Hsia Calendar) is used to assess a person’s character. This is not equivalent to the Gregorian or Lunar calendars. As a result, Bazi Reading, which is based on 4 pillars, has 8 characters.

  • Year Pillar: includes 12 early Earthly branches and 10 Heavenly stems.
  • Month Pillar: There are 12 months total in the lunar calendar, which runs from January through October. While the solar system is split into two forms based on the year.
  • Day Pillar: The Chinese lunar calendar takes the day of birth into account while calculating the Bazi natal. One stem and branch cycle of Bazi Reading requires 60 days as opposed to a month’s 30 days.
  • Hour Pillar: The birth hour, which is the same as the lunar month, is 23:00 – 01:00. For instance, you were born in Yin, which is similar to November, around 23:00 – 00:59.

There are two Earthly and Heavenly aspects in each pillar, and no two Bazi charts are exactly the same. This is due to the fact that your birth was unique, and that the universe and its elements are always changing. 

3. Advantages of Bazi Reading

For many years, Bazi Reading has been applied in various fields of telling fortune and astrology. Bazi will advise you on the best and most appropriate course of action if you decide to accomplish anything significant in your life or make a change that has something to do with your future. Therefore, Bazi is an effective and reliable tool to foretell the future.

  • Learn about your inner and outside personality. 
  • Relating to the workplace, your ideal profession, and your potential for advancement
  • Bazi Reading tells you more about your marriage, kids, family, and relationships.
  • Choose a favorable moment to experience luck
  • Know your obstacles and how to conquer them.
  • How to change your luck and lucky hints

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