QMDJ Divination Course Overview

Qi Men divination course that is going to be presented to you. This Qi Men divination course is actually a series of courses available for you to learn the basics of this Qi Men and how it can help you along the way in your life throughout your life.

What happened is this you’re going to learn what is this thing called the 5 element, the 10 different stems, the earthly stem and the heavenly stem. Then you also learn the stars the night stars the door and then the gods itself

and then how you combine all this information into a very holistic way of doing a divination. What is a divination? A divination is something whereby we ask a specific question and from there we are able to get an answer that is like 70 to 90 percent of accuracy .For example, let’s say if somebody were to give you a proposal in terms of a business or ask you for an investment for certain things. You can just plot a chart of these Qi Men and based on the chat they will give you an answer of whether this is going to be a good outcome or not a good outcome.

Then the accuracy can be between 60-70 up to 90 percent of accuracy. It will never be 100% accurate because all the charts that we plot are on an ongoing basis. That means this particular event is ongoing set so there will be a lot of factors which involve humans, heaven or even the earth factor that means environment factor. All this small little integrity information will tell us what is the answer and why it is like that. What can be done to change the outcome? Of course Qi Men i’ll be able to share with you what are the information that can be used.

From that you can potentially change your outcome. The thing about Qi Men divination is you’re able to use this tool to kind of help your life, make your life even better by creating a better decision.

In our daily situations we have a lot of decisions that have to be made but the question is? Along the way we are doing things, a lot of bad decisions can happen. Because of that sometimes due to one single very bad decision our life will go down the drain, our wealth is supposed to be accumulating but suddenly it just disappeared.

Our relationship is supposed to be good but because of one mistake that we make, all our relationships will be gone. Sometimes we need to be very careful about how our decision is going to mimic and what other traditions we’re going to make. Qi Men are able to kind of help you to narrow down and streamline to make such a way that you are able to make that decision comparatively to last time. Last time my decision making was like probably four out of ten that’s correct.

After I learned Qi Men many years back I realised that my decision making went from sixty percent 70-80 percent even up to now 90. Which means that I’m not perfect but I’m still able to make my decision far much better than anybody else. Which makes my life better smoother, relationship get better, business gets better, wealth gets better, health gets better etc etc. That’s how the powerfulness of these Qi Men can help you in the long run. That’s
why I have a venture into this Qi Men school to help you to share with you this incredible knowledge.

That you are able to witness and get this interesting thing for you to make your life better. Of course eventually this is something for people who believe in it. But I was not a believer at all. To be honest I have zero trust in this chinese metaphysics. My first instance when I come across this is not real, this is a scam. But after going through certain rounds and rounds of validation and case study. I realised that this is something very scientific and after I applied it my life changed a lot. Because of that I wanted to share this incredible knowledge to every single one of you who has an open mind. But if you are not ready it’s fine because we can’t force a person that does not have the belief in something. But one day, one fine day when you are ready maybe you may come across this video and maybe you can start to learn what is called Qi Men divination and from that perhaps this could be a turning point of your life alright i’ll see you around.

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