Bazi Destiny – Leader + View Door + Advisor | #qmdj #qimen #qimendunjia

Today we are gonna talk about another case which is destiny reading for characters under Qi Men Dun Jia.

We have a leader, a view door, an advisor in terms of symbols. So assuming that this person is a Wu person. This Wu is going to be somebody who is kind of a little bit stubborn but they can be quite rich also but Wu person always be careful is that not all Wu person is going to be rich. But if you look at the particular information related to leader, view door, advisor, this is going to be the significant information that we are going to focus on.

Leader is going to be the number one leader of the stars and the god so in any event if this person who is a Wu person in the day stem has a leader meaning that this person is going to be a good leader. That one level of looking at it. There is also potentially one to become a leader but may not have the leadership but generally speaking this is the person who is a good leader. It all depends on the combination of this Wu and Xin and this is going to be a good Christmas tree, that is more complex but let us go deeper into this leader. So this is a potential good leader and take lead so this is a very interesting person to be under a company, this person can be a manager, a director, a CEO.

View door is somebody who is looking at he like to photo process, procedure and like to be pretty, handsome and generally speaking the view door person is wanting to be but that doesn’t mean they are. That means they will make effort to make themselves more pretty or handsome, dress up more, buy more branded bags, put more cosmetic for ladies. This is something very interesting for people who are view door.

Advisor is who is educated, cultured person mean this person is genuinely seriously beautiful and handsome so which means if I were to combine view door and advisor together meaning that we can expect this person to be really beautiful or handsome. That is kind of combination. But if I were to combine a leader and view door meaning that this person who is a leader can be a very pretty or handsome person that is going to take charge of that particular project or the manager, or the company.

But if I were to combine a leader and advisor, this two combination is actually good meaning that a leader that is going to be very cultured and at the same time going to be pretty and handsome. So if I were combine all the symbols together, meaning that we are expecting this person to be really handsome, beautiful, cultured, educated and at the same time it is very good in term of the leadership.

So such people is that wow, it is a very interesting person to hire or even to be with because you always have the kind of attraction at the same time if we have if he is able to amplify his ability within a view door, leader, advisor, this Wu itself will be able to amplify also which means he can based on his character to make his wealth better, the cash better in that respect.

However, because this Wu is actually in the water palace means that the Wu actually will be drained a bit that means although Wu is clashing with its water, so Wu is not able to have the maximized potential in this aspect.

In this situation, we are not able to maximize the monetary for this person. So the person is supposed to based on his wealth, his ability on leadership, view door and advisor and make the Wu better but in this case it is slightly discounted by around 10 to 20 percent so his potential is only 80 to 90 percent.

That is all for this particular chart. Thank you for watching.

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