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Today I’m going to do the destiny reading for this particular person in terms of box 7 over here. Qi Men can be used for Bazi reading or required fortune telling. We’re able to see the person’s character based on what they are in the chart itself. In the event of a day chart that has this particular symbol which means that if we assume that this is a Ren, this person is a Ren person we will have this particular three different characters over here. We have a 9heaven, obstruct and fearless, we go decipher one by one and see what is really happening in this particular situation.

From the first layer of information that we see this person is a 9heaven person meaning that this person in terms of expectation will be high for themselves or herself and eventually what happens is that they have a certain goal. Whereby it is very high where most of them are not very achievable. They want to make millions of dollars they want to become a CEO, they want to become a director of the company they want to have a lot of houses and they are kind of high expectations whereby this person is going to be. It’s not just about themselves but in terms of other people which means that if this person is a boss or even a manager itself it’s going to expect a lot of things from the people below them.

It’s gonna create a lot of chaos and a lot of unhappiness below if this a 9heaven person. Of course having a 9heaven character I would say it’s bad but it’s what you expect a lot can be quite stressful because most of the time you can’t achieve your targets and goals. You will create a lot of stress and from that will be more worries and unhappiness because you have too many expectations.

Now let’s go back to this character we call it obstruct door, Du Men is an introverted person they don’t socialise. They will prefer to be at home, having their own time to do their own things. Rather than go out and be more social with people. If you ask them to do those kinds of networking events, usually these kinds of people they’re not very enthusiastic. They need to be pushed.

They are not very enthusiastic about having a fantastic social life. As an abstract person this person prefers to be lonely. They would love to have friends but they are very careful in terms of selecting their friends. It’s not easy to be their friend but after a while you’re able to communicate with him and understand how he behaves and he can be a very good friend to be with. This is the kind of people where it’s good to be friends with, an introvert person can also be a good friend to compare with the extrovert person.

The next thing we will talk about is fearless. It talks about somebody who is very agitated and very easily having a bad temper. Small little things will create the kind of event that he will have a hot temper. These kinds of people try to be respectful to them, we try not to say negative things towards them in public. That means the words we use have to be more careful. That is the first layer of understanding.

If you were to combine 9heaven, obstruct it together it can mean that this person can be a very lonely person. Which means that he is a super introvert person, that is another layer if we were to combine both of them together.

Another we have obstruct plus fearless meaning that this person was introverted and agitated easily. That is the kind of combination we are talking about.

Another layer is 9heaven combined with fearless which means that easily agitated, which means that he is on the highest level of easily agitated.

When we do a Qi Men reading we can see from the first layer, we also can see from the second layer and then as we go along with once we understand more information about the stems, about what are the meaning of all the thing in this meta palace all this will tell us a lot of thing you can see comparatively and over there is a box still a box. We can interpret them in very super multiple layers of reading and then from there we can combine multiple layers of reading to understand a person’s character.

The advantage of understanding a person’s character is we will know how he/she will behave and what he/she will do and it will be easier to communicate with the person because we know this person’s character. But if we don’t know the person’s character then we will not be able to anticipate what happens next. That is where we have advantage in terms of people understanding this Qi Men destiny reading.

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