9 earth plus life door plus doctor star. #qmdj #qimendunjia

Today I am going to share with you some of the symbols and what is the representation and based on that you can see how you can use for the reading Qi Men Dun Jia.

Within this box we are looking at box number 1, this is Kan palace, it represents for you are stuck in this situation, you image your leg is stuck in the river or stuck in the mud and you are not able to control, you are limited by the surrounding environment. So it is telling us that with the 9earth, life and doctor itself we have a situation of being controlled.

Life, generally talks about business, profit whether the business can make money or not in this context. 9earth is going to tell us the situation and that profit is going to be limited also. That means it is going to be low. So at the same time, this doctor will tell about leadership, we are talking about scheming so there could be certain leadership involved certain scheming involved. We have to be a bit more careful in this particular situation if you were to look at the livestock as a form of business profitability.

Yi represents the current situation and the future situation we are talking about in the future or current is going to be in the context of an Yi situation. So Yi represents entangler, wavy movement.

End of the day it is going to grow up but you need support, you need support from the surrounding. So it is telling us that if you want to have a good business you need support from people, maybe bigger organizations, suppliers, customers and from there you are able to move around and move up.

It is a time for going up also but it is not strong, you need to lean on something, someone, some companies to grow higher and higher.

So the entire box which is box 1 which is limited by the water, it is telling us that profit is limited, entangled, you need to go to a lot of hassle to make things work. So if you want to see this particular combination, given a choice depending on what business you do, given a choice you should not go for it because apparently it is going to be very low in profit, you are limited by choice and at the same time, there is a lot of struggling involved before you reach your destination which means that end of the day is you have spend a lot of effort money and resources just to make that little amount of money.

That is how we see a Qimen divination. Thank you for watching this video.

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